YouTube SEO & Google My Business

YouTube is now the second-largest search engine next to Google. Turns out, Google owns YouTube.  As video consumption has increased, Google has followed the trend and serves YouTube videos in traditional Google searches.  Very few local businesses even give thought to a presence on YouTube. Businesses utilizing YouTube gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

It is not enough for a business to merely have a YouTube channel with a few videos posted. Like anything that makes an impact and moves the needle, leveraging video on YouTube to increase Google search visibility takes intentionality, strategy, and professional lever execution.

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Objective: To utilize the power of video to increase position and visibility in Google search results to drive more sales opportunities.

For most small to medium-sized businesses, they are competing with strategies the big guys use.  This approach will create distinction for early adopters in a marketplace and raise their search visibility in a noticeable way.  Raising search results leads to more calls, more calls lead to more opportunities, and more opportunities lead to more closes, which leads to more money for your bottom line.

Program Details

Pre-production: WHI will conduct a brand compass which will provide the baseline copy and Youtube Channel description.  The brand compass will also serve as the foundation for script writing and storyboards for a YouTube video series aimed specifically at increasing Google search rankings.

Production: WHI will capture primary video footage, and B-roll video footage, create custom graphics, record voice-over, provide music beds, and create transitions to be ready for editing.

Post Production: WHI will edit all footage, graphics, voiceovers, music beds, and transitions for the number of agreed-upon videos to be delivered. Once edited, WHI will provide video previews for client review for up to two rounds of edits.  Anything beyond two rounds of edits will be billed at $150 per hour of edits.  This includes time spent by WHI copywriters, graphic designers, project managers, and video editors.

man on computer and phone
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Optimization: WHI will optimize all videos produced to have high-impact titles, descriptions, keywords, captions, time stamps, tags, and thumbnails.

Delivery: WHI will post the final approved videos to YouTube and Google My Business with the accompanying copy and optimization. WHI will also deliver electronic copies of all final videos to the client for their records.

Timeline: From start to publish it takes four to six weeks to complete.

Assets & Access: WHI will need client logos in .eps or .ai format. If these are not available, a high-resolution transparent .png will work.  WHI will also need YouTube and Google My Business access.  If either of these is not existing, WHI will help establish both for an additional fee of $750.